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"Bruce-you were Phenomenal!...'
Former US Ambassador to Russia, John Beyrle
LAUGHTER is a universal
language. Street Magic in
Rottenburg, Germany
Magic breaks cultural barriers in Kabul.
Chinese New Year in Shanghai.
Magic & the beautiful Ms. Bhe.
Magic Captivates German
Walter Hassmann.
South Korean Ambassador,
Rhee Zha Young, Loves Magic.
Restaurant magic at its best.

How to schedule some unbelievable, FANTASTIC entertainment for YOUR next important event...  ...absolutely Guaranteed or your Money Back!

Discover how to create the impossible at your next event!

“Your enthusiastic energy and personality was evident.  We’ve had a PHENOMENAL response from all who attended!”


"...I have heard nothing but GLOWING comments about
your performance from our members & staff!
Your show had everyone LAUGHING!
"WOW!...was the word that preceded
every comment about Alex Bruce...It was an AWESOME show!"
"You were the BEST entertainment this group has ever had..."
"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  We truly LOVED your show...
"Everyone enjoyed the performance.  We appreciate your flexibility during the bad weather, moving the entire show, to do the 2nd show."
"Just a BIG THANK YOU...
There seemed to be a following wherever you went."
"We greatly appreciate your efforts in making our event a memorable one.  We heard many great comments about the magic."
"Thanks for putting on a great show.
...everyone I talked to gave you great reviews."
"...It was truly WORTH every penny..."
"...Your OUTSTANDING presentations
have come through for us every time...
"Where is your chosen card?"
Even Special Forces Like Magic.
Turkish NATO Troops being amazed with Alex Bruce's Magic.
Afghan Police Enjoying Magic.
Diplomats Appreciating Good Magic.
A private house Party in Austria.
Magic at a Wedding in China.
"Afghan Police Enjoying Magic!"
entertainment Options

Important Information

Hiring professional entertainment for special occasions, whether it be for Corporate parties, Weddings or special Private Events, can be confusing.  The big question is: " What can we do that will be entertaining for everyone?"  Let's face it.  You want entertainment your guests will enjoy. You want entertainment they will remember long after it's over.  You want all this at an affordable price.  
Take the guess work & hassle out of hiring the right entertainment, for the right occasion.  100's of Corporations, Organizations and Private cliental made the right decision when they hired professional Magician and sleight of hand artist, Alex Bruce.  WHY? 
A. Experience - Alex Bruce is a world wide entertainer (36 Countries & 48 States) that has been performing since 1987. His shows have been enjoyed by over 1 Million People, including:
  1. Hollywood Movie Stars: James Doohan (Scotty from Star Trek), Lee Majors (6 Million Dollar Man) and Tony Giorgio-                  (Bruno, The God Father)
  2. Sports Personalities: The Green Bay Packer football team, and Vince Lombardi Jr.
  3. International NATO Forces: US Marines, US Army & Navy, US Regional Security Officers, the Australian Army, Turkish Army, Serbian Army, Georgian Army, Afghanistan Military & Police, Russian Embassy Guards & FSB, Ukraine Military, Czeck Republic Military, Israeli Mossad, & Chinese Army
  4. Dignitaries: Generals, Admirals, Ambassadors, Consulate Generals, Diplomats and Politicians
  5. Others: CEO's, Management, Community Leaders, Educators, LawEnforcement, Firemen, Bankers, Lawyers, Health Providers, Builders, Real Estate, Insurance agents and all the other wonderful people who make up a community.
B. Professional & Personable - Alex Bruce is a sophisticated entertainer who will conduct himself as a professional, be on time and dressed appropriately (no ripped jeans, tank tops or flip-flops).  His prime objective, is to be personable.  He loves his audience and has confidence they will be entertained!  That's why he can offer a money back guarantee.
C. Convenient - Alex Bruce is easy to work with.  He will help you plan his part of the event quickly and easily to assure success from cradle to grave...from start to finish!
Since 1988, Alex Bruce has been a member of the World famous
Magic Castle of Hollywood , CA.



Anytime you have a group of people together, Alex Bruce can add to the enjoyment of your guests with comedy magic. Join in the laughter and watch the excitement grow as members of your audience participate in the fun. In addition, some actually get to contribute (they become the hero) as they help the magician perform some incredible stunts.  Designed for:


Corporate Dinners, Receptions,

Customer/Employee's Awards Banquets, Networking Events, Trade Shows, Product Launches, Charity Events,
Christmas/Summer or Holiday Parties, Special

Conferences, Sporting Events,

Hospitality luncheons,
Golfing or Racing events, Proms/Balls/Galas, Bar Mitzvahs, Television & or Commercials, Team Building, Motivational and Inspirational Events, and etc.

If you are not ready to hire an entertainer now, please email and ask for the FREE Consumer 

Report, How to have the BEST Special Event ever by hiring the right Entertainment!

Ultimate WEDDING

Bridal Magazine did a survey of over 1000 brides asking them to look back at their wedding.  

88 % of brides stated that they wished that they had spent more money on Entertainment!


A Close-up Magician is a great form of entertainment for weddings. It is the perfect solution to break the ice.  It also helps eliminate 'dead' spots during the wedding photo shoot, (while guests are waiting), and adds fun & variety to the reception.

Alex Bruce has had the pleasure

of performing at numerous

weddings as a strolling-walk

around  Magician.  This form of entertainment is outstanding

for the mixing and mingling of the wedding party and guests.


Sleight of hand entertainment is  exceptional when the magic happens right before their eyes. 

If you are not ready to hire an entertainer now, please email and ask for the FREE Consumer 

Report, How to have the BEST Special Event ever by hiring the right Entertainment!


Providing great Entertainment for private House parties, Bar Mitzvahs, Retirement get-togethers, Adult Birthday Parties, Anniversaries,VIP banquets and other special events is essential.  Why? Because guests who attended the event many times will remember if the evening was boring.


The word in the above paragraph to emphasize is; great entertainment.  Alex Bruce can adapt his skills to the 

environment.  Whether the event is Formal or informal, relaxed or sophisticated, indoors or outdoors he provides amazing,

mesmerizing sleight of hand magic. His personal touch helps everyone get into a party mood. 

His ability to interact aids in communication and gives your guests something to discuss.  It's the perfect solution to help leave them with a positive memory of the event.

If you are not ready to hire an entertainer now, please email and ask for the FREE Consumer 

Report, How to have the BEST Special Event ever by hiring the right Entertainment!


REVIEWS (a few of many)

Moscow Enchanted Ball

Culinary Instructor LTC

Alex Bruce working his
magic on a European
river cruise on the Elbe.
Alex Bruce performing his magic
for the Czeck Republic Military.
The Serbian Military
enjoying some card tricks.
Alex Bruce's memorable Magic creates positive reaction with guest.
Performing Magic
Puerta Galera,
Philippine island of Mindoro,
gets lots of laughs & smiles.
Camp Alvarado Loved Alex Bruce's
Sleight of Hand Magic tricks.

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Please leave detailed information about the date you are looking at, the time you need me, how many people will be at the event, where the performance will take place & your ball park-budget.  I'll be sure to get back with you A.S.A.P.

Also, how urgent is this project...

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